we build

Our heart beats for new buildings and the revitalisation of existing properties, because even what is good can be made better, more sustainable, more beautiful, lighter, more attractive or more energy-efficient. That's what we burn for, that's what we build for. And the trend is upwards:

In the financial years 2021 - 2023, our project volume will exceed 30 million euros for the first time.
We act as a planning, selling and executing group of companies that inspires its customers with high-quality workmanship and unconditional reliability.

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we sell

Success does not come by chance. What started as a small side business has developed amazingly fast: In 2022, our sales company handled real estate transactions amounting to approximately 15 million euros.

Real estate marketing with expertise and authenticity is now a second pillar that is happy to start the successful sales journey for you. Step by step to win-win.

we develop

The development of new projects is part of our DNA - far beyond the conventional real estate sector. Our references extend to renewable energy projects, thermal energy generation, green energy or other alternative technologies.

Creativity, unconventionality and entrepreneurial spirit are indispensable for successful innovations in project development and have allowed many of our commissions to mature into showcase projects.

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we care

We take care of the whole and the detail. We treat every order, no matter how big or small, to the best of our ability. As representatives of builders, sellers and buyers, we act with the aim of achieving a genuine win-win situation.

Every day we live and work with what is probably the most valuable material asset of our time, real estate. This requires a high degree of responsibility and meticulousness - and a strong network. Put us to the test! We are ready ...
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